Original documents should be sent to us by email or fax along with an indication of 1) the deadline by which the translation is needed and 2) the preferred format in which it is to be delivered. Once we have reviewed the document, we will contact you with an estimated delivery time and cost for the project. If this is agreeable to you, we will proceed with work on the translation and forward it to you in the preferred format on or before the due date. An invoice for services rendered will be enclosed with the translation.

In the interest of speedy, efficient communications, our business is conducted primarily through electronic transmission (email and fax). Our snail mail address will be provided to those customers requiring it upon request. If necessary, hardcopies and floppy/CD versions of translated documents can be provided by mail for a minimal additional charge covering media and postage.


The length of time needed to complete a translation project depends on the length and the difficulty of the text. Short documents (less than 10 pages) can generally be delivered within two business days. Longer or complex documents require more time in order to be professionally translated.


We do not share information regarding work in progress with any third party as a matter of professional courtesy. If you require a written nondisclosure agreement, we will sign yours.


Translation rates depend on the scope of the project and the difficulty of the text, the delivery deadline and eventual formatting requirements. As a general guide only, plan on 0.10 to 0.15 euros per target word for a non-technical short document (less than 10 pages) in standard format. The fee for editing, proofreading and reviewing text is 30 euros per hour. The minimum fee for any job is 30 euros. Rush jobs requiring a turnaround time of less than 24 hours are subject to a surcharge of 30%. Please note that all rates are in euros and are payable in euros or in local convertible currency at the official rate of exchange on the date of invoice.

Residents of current and former Yugoslav states are eligible for special rates. Please contact us directly to inquire.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by credit or debit card through PayPal, by direct bank or wire transfer, international money order or personal check. Not all payment options are available from all locations, and you should note that in some cases international transfers may incur a significant additional service fee which is payable by the customer.

When you receive your translation, you will also be sent an invoice for services rendered. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, all payments are due within 10 (ten) days.

All work is unconditionally guaranteed or you owe us nothing.